Others Magazine

Excited having my photo's published in Others Magazine. The interview I did with others magazine you can find here.

“Chrissy and I met in 2016 because I really wanted to put her in front of my camera. The moment I saw her she striked me: that beautiful raw face of hers with her charming vulnerable selfs made me incredibly happy.  I couldn't wait to shoot her. Fast forward plus three years we've done photoshoots in Antwerp, Aruba and a few weeks back in her home. It felt really special to me that she invited me in her own environment. Although our connection started from an esthetic eye, we soon realized there was a really good vibe and connection between us. It grew into a very special friendship that I respect on its own. Even though we live in different cities and we don't have the oppurtinity to see each other that often, when we do, we both as much cherish as appreciate the positive vibes and good fun we get off each other.” Joy Berdina

Photographer - @joyberdina

Model - @chrissyholtzhuizer