C-Heads 2017

Photographer Joy Berdina teamed up with creative director Iris van Hees of Unicult for a wonderful C-Heads Exclusive story starring Chrissy Holthuizer. Shot in the Jewish quarter in Antwerp in an amazing 19th century mansion.

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone and you think: “Wow, everything happens so easily…” You hardly need to use words to communicate and you are on the same wavelength. “I share this vibe with photographer Joy.” Creative director Iris van Hees  laughs. “Our workpaths crossed a while ago. All the collaborations with this woman are so easy. In creative terms, the world sometimes seems to be too small. But brainstorming sessions with Joy are just perfect. The wildest, most beautiful ideas are flying through the room.“

“Do you know Chrissy”? Joy asked me.
And there she was. Chrissy. 24 years old. Unbelievably pretty. Joy worked with her before. And yes – Chrissy is somehow on our wavelenght aswell. Awesome. “Pack your bags, we are going to Antwerp!”

On an ordinairy weekday we arrived in Antwerp. “What’s in the bag”? Bananas, chips, drinks and lots of nice outfits. This place is amazing, let’s just hang out and do whatever we want.

Chrissy is not really a girl that likes endless long and deep conversations. Most of the time she makes jokes. And this is truly Chrissy. I think she doesn’t even know how funny she is. “I am not charming at all and I’m super awkward”  is how Chrissy describes herself as she sniffs her armpit: “I smell pretty good today” … If she only knew how attractive and special her appearance makes her.

It was a wonderful day in this beautiful house surrounded by great people. The floor made a squeeky sound with every step you took. It reminded you of its history.

I enjoyed the chemistry between the photographer and the model. It is such a special thing. I just happen to be there to set eyes on this effortless, easy going afternoon in Antwerp.

Photographer - Joy Berdina
Creative director -  Iris van Hees, Unicult
Model - Chrissy Holthuizer

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