Her story

Although she was into photography since a very young age, she was never aware that it was a career option: “As a child I wanted to become a professional dancer, because I practiced ballet and modern dance.” She experienced quite the misfortune: she fell out of a window as kid, got hit by a car later on in life and had a bad reaction to a vaccination. This last experience resulted in realizing what she really wanted to do and she took the step of becoming a fulltime photographer.

“Two and a half years ago I was planning to go to Africa. I reacted badly on a vaccination needed for Tanzania and ended up developing meningitis and encephalitis. My chances of survival were unknown. And if I would survive, what condition would I be in? Partially paralyzed, deaf, a plant? It took me two years to recover and thank god, now I can live again like I want. I had to go back to basics. What is life and why do I live? I was obliged to take rest and needed to find out what makes me happy.”

She is the example of positivity, while admitting that she of course has her bad days. Looking back she says: “When I became ill it took a long time to see any progression. But I kept fighting for myself and my health. Health is not only the physical aspect – what most people see – but has also a mental aspect.”

Asking her about what she does in moments of self-doubt, she says: “I often have these moments. You’ll never notice that I have my insecurities, but I certainly do. I have very high expectations for myself, maybe too high. But in the end, it’s exactly what I need to push myself to the highest limits and achieve what I want.”

Joy mentioned that people inspire her. When asking her what she admires in others, she answers: “I wish I could show more of my vulnerable side. I can only admire people who are able to do this.”

She shares what she considers as her biggest succes so far: “The definition of success is different to everyone. A few tangible events are my own exposition, selling my prints and my publication in C-Heads Magazine. But my greatest success is doing what I love to do. It makes me a happy and better person.”

– Ava Wolf –